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The following is for Myriam who wanted me to post various useless pictures for her entertainment.

  1. my aquarium

  2. the motorcycle you would own once you can drive

  3. place in the world you would like to go to just to admire the landscape

  4. animal you find the most majestic



There, are you happy.


That's the way we roll around these parts.

3) New Zealand, yo. There's no excuse for my having not been there since it's right next door, too.

(I'M COMING FOR YOU, [livejournal.com profile] catteo. WAIT FOR ME.)

4) Top 3:


Yeah, so two of these """""aren't real"""" and one is extinct, life is shit, no one cares, etc.

Also, cats, duh, but I already did a post of about 20422 photos on that topic, so.

+ your non-visual prompt: Kalinda Sharma and your thoughts on how she is portrayed in The Good Wife.

A can of worms you're opening there, my good friend.

Lemme preface this with establishing that I love everything Kalinda herself chooses to be. Patronus, life goals, etc. etc.

My feels for the writing for Kalinda are rather not good.

Things started off promising, but it's become increasingly apparent as the show's gone on that the writers just do not know what to do with Kalinda. It was all good until the return of abusive husband Nick, a story which was compelling in theory but alas, it appeared the writers bit off more than they could chew. I wouldn't say it was a mistake to pursue the storyline in itself. (No doubt it pissed off many a viewer that such a STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER WHO DON'T NEED NO MAN would harbour a past of victimhood, but we've established that cis white middle-class feminists are mostly trash.) As far as I'm concerned that backstory is consistent with Kalinda's characterisation. Too bad about the execution (= weird sensationalising of a real world abusive dynamic)!

And then we have Kalinda/sexuality itself. Firstly, a bisexual woman of colour on primetime television = yay. OTOH, the typical over-sexualisation of South Asian women = hmmmm. Compare to Alicia and Diane, who are both portrayed as sexual beings but not defined by their sexuality. Kalinda is the femme fatale who uses sex as a means to an end, and I'm about that, but there's been an Ethnic Sex Kitten vibe around her character from the beginning.

Granted, this doesn't bug me nearly as much as it bugs that I am incapable of giving a fuck about a single one of Kalinda's romantic/sexual relationships with other women. It would seem the show also doesn't particularly give a fuck since whatsername/whatsername #2/whatsername #25 are all barely fleshed out recurring minor players. I understand that Kalinda has complicated and changeable feels about all her girlfriends. I wish I cared. I don't. (And it pains me somewhat to say that I care considerably more about Cary/Kalinda, i.e. the het ship that the writers have developed consistently from the start. Also, Cary's a regular, we care about him.) Now, if they went for Kalinda/other regular female character i.e. Alicia, that would be a different matter.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO: Alicia and Kalinda being forbidden from sharing a screen for the las 92742 years. Apparently, Julianne Margulies is to blame for this, since she was of the mind that women don't continue being close friends with other women who have slept with their husbands.

Alicia and Kalinda's friendship used to be one of the most interesting things on TGW, and was an all-around positive Bechdel phenomenon. And then it was torpedoed because of FUCKING! PETER!!!! FLORRICK!!!!!!!!!!!

... So yeah, those are a few of my beefs with the writing for Kalinda Sharma.

It's especially disappointing since The Good Wife is one of the more progressive shows on air and yet it's descended into the same disregard for women of colour as every other loaf of whitebread on television. (I'm gung ho and all about all the people of colour on the Florrick & Agos team, but why should I throw a party if they hardly ever appear on screen?) Y'all know I'm an Alicia stan, her character journey has been a triumph in every way -- but I can't identify with it. I can identify with Kalinda. So the lack of effort put into Kalinda's development in comparison is... well, business as usual, isn't it. You either hate us or don't care; nothing to see here.

IDK if there'll be a seventh season, but with Archie Panjabi leaving after this one my motivation to watch would be supremely diminished. If they kill her off I might really have to flounce. Prayer circle.

On the bright side, here for an Archie-headlining new show. MY ENTIRE LIFE I'VE WAITED FOR THIS MOMENT~~~~~

To conclude, have this picture of Archie looking fly while Cary/Matt admire in the distance:

In less homicidal news, Jessica prompted: rambles about the creative writing process.

I just survived a post-grad degree in creative writing, which means I've come out of a year of being forced to write creatively to deadlines. You'd think this means I'd have some Wise Words to offer, BUT NO.

So how do I conquer writers' block and get shit done?


But here's an ill-defined list of coping methods I employ with big projects:

  • Make shit up as I go along!!! Too much planning can be disadvantageous to inspiration tbh. And on some level, if the story can't "write itself" then maybe it doesn't deserve to be written?? (Don't quote me.)

  • Allow fellow writers to peck your work to death. Obviously. I wouldn't be alive today if not for my seminar group. I was thinking of doing the filtered beta group here on LJ? But here's the thing: the truth is that I am so image-obsessed when it comes to blogging that sharing such personal things as original writing is just ????????. (This would also be why I don't make "personal" posts. lol, what is a personal life, we may never know.) Being put in a group with other writing students and then forced to have your work torn apart was so necessary -- there was no room for ego. Although it's tempting, NEVER BE SATISFIED WITH ALL-POSITIVE FEEDBACK. Constructive criticism = a path. So yeah, if you're not getting enough from your current audience then actively seek out someone who will torture you.

  • Think of the audience. Writing "for myself" doesn't work. It's not enough. This probably comes down to the kind of writer or artist you are and why you're doing this. Me, I'm in it for the fame to entertain. If I'm writing for someone else then it's like I'm riding this tidal wave to shore. I'm not saying I don't put myself into my work (lol, narcissism blog -- do you go here or) but that doesn't make it go all the way. So yeah, if I'm stuck on some writing choice or other, then I'll defer to the closest person who cares -- not just in the "gimme advice" sense but "what would you want to see happen in this story?"

  • Get the right words down in the right order. Yeah, I don't do that thing where I write scenes for the sake of writing them, i.e. to get closer to the end? Every section of writing must be an event. If my own prose isn't inspiring me, then what's the point?

  • Write out of order. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I WILL NEVER BE A BIG NAME MULTI-CHAPTER FANFICTION QUEEN. I just don't think linearly. I write whatever part of the story I feel like at any given time and then go back and fix continuity later.

  • Think in emotions. Like I said making shit up along the way is how I roll, but that's generally regarding PLOT. (lol, what is a plot, we may never know, etc. etc.) But I always know what the emotional beats are going to be. And if I'm blocked then it's usually because whatever bit I'm writing isn't arousing the right degree of FEELS. MAKE IT SO THAT THERE ARE FEELS.

  • DIALOGUE IS LIFE. The one area safe from blockage for me (mainly due to the screenwriting classes). Usually I'll picture various attractive actors delivering my lines -- that's pretty helpful, too.

SO. WHO KNOWS IF THE ABOVE MAKES ANY SENSE OR HAS A USE. In any case I hope you have enjoyed this peek into my haphazard and inexplicable brane.
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