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16. [livejournal.com profile] kikimay requested: TOP 5 RAGE/LOL/WTF STORYLINES.

Before we continue I want to say that when I posted this meme I wasn't ASKING for people to prompt nothing but salt, but that is how life has turned out, so.

WARNING: SPOILERS ABOUND BELOW for S4 of Angel/BSG/Doctor Who (what is it with TV shows and the season four), the last Potter movie, and the most recent episode of Reign.

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Any amazing lol moments I missed? BY ALL MEANS SHARE WITH THE CLASS.
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Quickly quickly because PEOPLE INSIST ON EXISTING IRL:

I'm interpreting "gender fuckery" broadly fyi. It's not that the following characters TOTALLY UPEND gender norms but that certain elements of their presentation subvert what one usually would expect. In alphabetical order b/c that's the way I roll:

1) Buffy motherfucking Summers, a.k.a. the thing monsters have nightmares about. For being completely conventionally feminine and simultaneously a warrior woman. I know we all hate Joss and that he is Problematic &c. &c. but still, Buffy Summers exists. Your typical "ditzy" Californian blonde who only cares about shopping and gossiping about boys, whom every other horror story would deem fit to be killed off for her femininity. I am all for unfeminine women on TV, I really am, but -- much like my undying love for Legally Blonde -- it means a lot to me that Buffy didn't have to be masculinised in order to be the hero of the story. Her strength was in silly womanly things like emotions. And regardless of how you feel about the finale being PROBLEMATIC, I think we should all agree that taking an axe to everything the Council of Patriarchs stood for was in itself to be endorsed.

2) Darla. Because of that motherfucking first episode of BtVS where she opens the show in a Catholic schoolgirl uniform which, of course, she uses to lure the innocent male prey. When it comes to using traditional femininity as a weapon in order to eat men Darla is the role model to which we should all aspire. I also have a lot of feelings about her more or less being the boss of the Fanged Four, about how she was really the one who sired Angel and groomed him to be the monster he became (similar to Dru siring and grooming Spike -- lots of monstrous mothers in this verse). Behind every great man is an even greater woman, or so they say. (And yes, I am aware of how the horrific maternal plot over on AtS made Darla the expected sacrificial woman, but this is a happy post.)

3) Eowyn of Rohan. FORMATIVE BITCH. Fearless mofo who dressed herself up in dudes' clothes and went to fight for Minas Tirith in defiance of the gilded cage her family would rather have kept her in. (Some Mulan bullshit right there btw.) And when Witch-King dude got in her way and boasted that no living man could defeat him, Eowyn pulled off her helmet and said BOW DOWN BITCH FOR I AM NO MAN (#hairflip). Word.

4) Kara Thrace. Because gender-swapping the original BSG series' beer-sculling, cussing, womanising, thrill-seeking ~bad boy~ character was a stroke of fabulous. As opposed to 1) and 2) on this list, Kara was an emotional idiot. Her strengths lay mostly in the masculine space-battling domain -- she was pretty much the best fighter pilot in the fleet; meanwhile, her people skills left, er, something to be desired. She was a deep-feeling character, but she'd rather have a boxing match than talk about her feelings. (My woman.)

5) And I'm tentatively putting Katniss Everdeen here, too, after reading this article. (And no, we do not talk about the epilogue.) lbr Katniss's existence is also fuckery in a systemic sense in that it laughs at the idea that a woman-centric action movie franchise cannot sell.

I read the books/watched the movies a long, long time ago so bear with my memory. Random non-definitive FEELS:



  • Formative bitch.

  • Neurotic drama queen with a temper = intro post.

  • Loved that she was defined/defined herself mostly by her brain.

  • BUT also loved that she was super emotional and idealistic. I remember reading some article somewhere about how Hermione Granger is such a rare important female character because she's "allowed to be both super intelligent and emotional". Well, I ::heart:: Hermione, but HAAAAAVE YOU MET ANNE SHIRLEY?

  • Although it wasn't a SUPER ANGSTY series, I liked how you could tell that Anne was kind of a sad and messed up person (at least at the start) in that she pretty much held herself together as a kid by escaping into her imagination. I understand you, Anne.

  • As a kid I liked that it was a hopeful story insofar as Anne started off as an unwanted misfit batted around from foster home to foster home but finally found a ~place to belong~ with Matthew and Marilla and so was able to come into her own. (LISTEN, THIS SERIES IS LIKE ONE OF TWO THINGS I LIKED AS A CHILD THAT DID NOT FUCK ME UP FOR LIFE. TELL NO ONE.)

  • Anne/Gilbert is the OTP. In fact, I am pretty sure they were the origins of my BEST FRIENDS WHO REGRETTABLY FALL IN LOVE kink. Though, they worked out in the end (thank God -- one Jo/Laurie is bad enough).

  • Speaking of which, I also always loved that Anne was such an emotional idiot. One of my fave parts of the book/movie is when Marilla tells her that she's so hung up on stories and fantasies that she can't recognise her attachment to real people. I FEEL DATZZZZ.

  • Yay @ Anne getting to see through her personal dreams and ambitions and get everything she wanted.

  • But also yay that her coming of age arc was in a lot of ways about fantasy v.s. reality and, I guess, learning how to make the two co-exist. As in, life does not always turn out the way you have planned, and sometimes the things you thought you wanted turn out not to be what you really want after all, and that can be cool too.

  • I like to think I could reread the series today and still feel exactly the same way.

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Doubling up again today because yesterday was devoted to watching Catching Fire and then being emotionally dead inside. With no further ado:

faith/wesley; for superkappa )

the vampire chronicles; for scorp )
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... Because apparently I make icons now. Since I don't have enough fandom projects consuming my life I thought it'd be a ~great idea to icon some of my graphics. And then I got... mildly carried away.

... This is a pretty large post. (SOME PARTS OF IT ARE BETTER THAN OTHER PARTS.)

[01-53] Angel
[54-61] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[62-68] Doctor Who
[69-76] Homeland
[77-86] Skins
[87-100] The Vampire Diaries

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+ Comments are acceptable.
+ Credit is preferable.
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05 | the ship where your favorite scene is the most dysfunctional one

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Erasing You: A Lilah/Wesley Mix

Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] letsgetitdone, run by the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] brutti_ma_buoni. I initially planned to produce fic but then this happened instead, go with it. (So far the only fanmix made for the comm., yay...?) This mix is mostly from Lilah's POV with the exceptions of tracks 8 and 11. Zip download above. Please ~enjoy~.

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(It Means) Something
Lilah/Wesley | S3/4 spoilers | ~950 words

For [livejournal.com profile] upupa_epops. Prompt: "Don't worry, lover. I didn't feel a thing." // "I'm sure you didn't." Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bellonablack for the fixing up.

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night into the day (mix cover)

As requested by [livejournal.com profile] smokeandsong -- I don't have many deep feelings about this ship ordinarily, except that she is fucking gorgeous and he is fucking gorgeous and the hate!sex would be violently hot, because the Ian/Kat chemistry is a thing that exists. Though while putting this thing together, I came to the conclusion that these two are probably made for each other, since Damon is canonically attracted to women who slap him around, and Bonnie canonically enjoys dishing out aneurysms, and every instance of her making his brain explode makes my heart warm. 

There is no rhyme or reason to this mix; just sundry tracks that ping for me for their relationship (or possible future relationship?). Also, short. My first time with this ship, please forgive. (Also also, EXCUSE THE ART.) 

night into the day // bonnie/damon // download )

heart with a schism (front), faith lehane fanmix cover

For [livejournal.com profile] bellonablack, who requested a character-centric mix. Thus, I chose Faith, because: when in doubt, choose Faith. And a good opportunity to pull out a bunch of my favourite sullen/moody/axe-to-grind-with-world tracks. #my brethren

Hope it satisfies!

heart with a schism // faith lehane // download )
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Title: To Endure
Fandom: Angel
Characters: Wesley; Lilah, Faith (Wes/Lilah, vague Wes/Faith)
Words / Rating: 3769 words / PG
Spoilers: All of S5
Summary: Post-Not Fade Away. Let’s assume all of Team Angel save for Wes was thrown into a fiery hell dimension. There are wolves outside these four walls. 

A/N: for [livejournal.com profile] catbirdfish. I KNOW NOT WHAT THIS IS. Possibly part one of something longer. Much thanks to [livejournal.com profile] aerintine for the help!

There are wolves inside here too, but at least he knows them all. )
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Title: Our Love Is Pastured
Pairing: Lilah/Wesley
Summary: Set during their canon relationship. "You'll never make me," she hisses in the dark.
Rating: M
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended. 
Word Count: 2000
Author's Notes: for [livejournal.com profile] gwtwscarlett (prompt: 'cause I like to keep my issues strong/it's always darkest before the dawn). Happy birthday, m’dear. Hope this pleases.

Our Love Is Pastured )


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