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as i've bemoaned 8224 times, i have this overwhelming and excruciating guilt over unfinished memes. so. i have spring-cleaned this journal, and have organised all the unfilled discussion prompts into categories. they are as follows:

  • wrong!ship awareness meme slots

  • blogging about fictional characters

  • television reviews

  • random shit

under this last category: hair, the subject of this post.

background: ten billion years ago [livejournal.com profile] eowyn_315 requested a picspam of Nina Dobrev's hair. however, rather than limit my hair appreciation i've decided to make like Laura herself and pay respects to hair from various fandoms. with photoshop.

if y'all think you're ready for that action then follow the cut.

behold: a completely unsolicited and arbitrary top five list of hair-porn )
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Notes: This is for [livejournal.com profile] upupa_epops' Elena Gilbert centric fic Help, I'm Alive (the title of which is also the first track on the mix because that's the way we roll). Without getting into spoilery territory, the premise of her fic is essentially that life sucks and then you die and then it keeps sucking, and thus I have made efforts to offer a suitable soundtrack. Go read, worship, and listen to the following if you so desire (follow the link to dl!).

01. Metric - Help I'm Alive (Styte Dubstep Remix)

If we're still alive
My regrets are few
If my life is mine
What shouldn't I do?

02. Band of Skulls - Blood

I want it to be over
Turn the boat around and bring that girl in
I stumble through the error
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, sick, sick

I know you're bleeding, baby
But you're not bleeding blood

03. Kim Ferron - Nothing But You

And I've got plenty of time
Time to figure it out
Time to think about you and me
Whatever that was all about
Got nothing to prove
Got nothing to say
No, I'm guessing I never thought you
were good for me anyway

04. Aimee Mann - This Is How It Goes

So I try to hold on
While you try to let go
You won't tell me it's gone
But baby, I'll know
Baby, I'll know

05. Angie Hart - Blue

High tide
The air is dew
And where were you?

While I
I died
And where were you?

06. Daniel Ahearn - I Will Let You Go

Put your hands in the water
watch them go under
Put your hand to the light
watch the light come through
And I will let you go

Put your time on the table
See who'll sit down with you
Give your love to the ones who offer you bruise
After bruise, after bruise
And I will let you go

07. Panda Su - Eric Is Dead

when i am older, i will change back to the way
i once was when we first set our eyes on it

nothing's left, no turning back, i've already told you that
count your knees and i'll count mine, we'll settle them in time

08. SaintSaviour - Woman Scorned

And time was we were synchronised
And I felt all those ties dissolve in the winter
Now I must begin again
To be frozen

09. Blonde Redhead - Here Sometimes

A little girl upon the fireplace
Only air flying emotionless
Ring the bells for she could keep flying
This is me, completely me

End of day, we watched the sun go down
I can see you're like a firework
You want to save me, people will save me
But this is you, completely you

10. The Cardigans - My Favourite Game

And this is not a case of lust, you see
it's not a matter of you versus me
It's fine the way you want me on your own
but in the end it's always me alone

11. Interpol - Rest My Chemistry

I haven't slept for two days
I've bathed in nothing but sweat
And I've made hallways
Scenes for things to regret
My friends they come
And the lines they go by

12. TV on the Radio - I Was A Lover

I'm locked in my bedroom, so send back the clowns
My clone wears a brown shirt, and I seduce him when there's no one around
Mano why mano, on a bed of nails
Bring it on like a storm, till I knock the wind out of his sails
And we don't make eye contact, when we have run-ins in town
Just a barely polite nod, and nervous stares towards the ground

13. Florence & The Machine - Breaking Down

All alone on the edge of sleep
My old familiar friend
Comes and lies down next to me
And I can see it coming from the edge of the room
Smiling in the streetlight even with my eyes shut tight
I still see it coming now

14. Aimee Mann - You Could Make A Killing

There is nothing that competes with habit
And I know it's neither deep nor tragic
It's simply that you have to have it

So you can make a killing
Oh you can make a killing

I wish I was both young and stupid
Then I too could have the fun that you did
Till it was time to pony up what you bid

15. Bon Iver - Blindsided

Taut line, down to the shoreline
The end of a blood line, the moon is a cold light

There's a pull to the flow
My feet melt the snow
For the irony, I'd rather know
'Cause blinded, I was blindsided

16. Declan Flynn - Ease My Pain

Out of time, I hear your voice
Break through the noise
And pain, my heart’s refrain

Why can’t I convince myself
That this is the right time
To contend

17. Ellie Goulding - Salt Skin

You're as sharp as a knife and you fit like a glove
That is no way to live, that is no way to love
Full of fear in your skin and the weakness in giving in
Stabbed in the back but you feel no pain
Push the heaviest doors that you can't open
Yeah, they tied me up and my body lies still, again

18. The Naked and Famous - Girls Like You

How would you cope if the world decided to
Make you suffer for all that you were?
How could you dance if no-one was watching
And you couldn't even care if they were?
What would you do if you couldn't even feel?
Not even pitiful pain
How would you deal with the indecisions
Eating away at the days?

Don't you know people write songs about girls like you?
About girls like you

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... Because apparently I make icons now. Since I don't have enough fandom projects consuming my life I thought it'd be a ~great idea to icon some of my graphics. And then I got... mildly carried away.

... This is a pretty large post. (SOME PARTS OF IT ARE BETTER THAN OTHER PARTS.)

[01-53] Angel
[54-61] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[62-68] Doctor Who
[69-76] Homeland
[77-86] Skins
[87-100] The Vampire Diaries

but the scenery's the same; )

+ Comments are acceptable.
+ Credit is preferable.
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LAST SCREENCAP MEME POST (FOR NOW). Following this one I will cease spamming (... for a while).

thomas barrow / up close & personal for cranmers )

jeremy gilbert / porn for vergoldung )

tvd/scenerygasm for scorpiod1 )
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Just me wrestling with Photoshop again, nothing to see here.

cassie ainworth/emotions for fluffyfrolicker )

the good wife/space for youcallitwinter )

tvd/random for smells-corrupt )
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/because the Tardis is pretty

Hello, I hope everyone's hangovers today are endurable. Now that we have that formality out of the way -- I have more requested graphics. Head's up that I'm probably going to be spamming with these screencap meme fills as they're finished, so nothing to see here. Today there is:
cap credit: 1, 2, 3.

Other fills here.

p.s. LJ totally FUBAR'd my cuts the first time so apologies if you witnessed that mess.
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(1) I had to take a few days to collect my thoughts about The Snowmen, but I think I have thoughts now. Yes.probably too many thoughts about an episode involving evil snowmen )

(2) I have the first batch of screencap meme fills. More will come (beware). But for now:

dead like me/light for nvrbnkisst )

Oh, and happy NY to everyone, btw. (It is already 2013 in Australia.)
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+ This post exists to announce that I am officially done with my university year and thus the next few months will be ones of glorious splendiferous freedom. You care about this.

+ I also have a pile of fandom projects about as high as the Eiffel tower, so. THINGS WILL OCCUR. Thinking of doing a rec post too maybe because what else am I good for.

+ Speaking of which, I still have a few fanmix requests left to fulfil. Apologies for lateness. An exam happened. (It went fine.) Also, apparently Mediafire has deceased or is deceasing (?) which means I'll have to reupload a number of files, le sigh~. Bear with, bear with.

[livejournal.com profile] eowyn_315 has ordered me to complete an Elena G./blood OTP picspam that is currently consuming my life, thus vampire crack thoughts this week are on the light side. In brevity: 

the people are more attractive and there's incest so (i.e. tvd 4.05) )

+ btw, this post on Tumblr is responsible for the cut text of this one. Look at it and decease from LOL.
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Not too many feelings this episode, thus brevity is our friend:

tvd 4.03: of motorcycles and exploding kittens )
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so i was thinking of not doing this, but then i was like -

nope. can't pass up the shade. can't do it.

so:  tvd 4.01. warning: shade. no one is safe. i have no soul left, folks. )


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