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And so we commence the December meme of meta!

Of course, what better way to start than with cat worship. For [livejournal.com profile] upupa_epops' prompt.

They're highly portable.

And more athletic than you.

Contrary to their haughty exteriors, they can bro it up with any species.

They're highly expressive.

Soft power is their jam.

Human: Listen to me.
Cat: No, listen to me.

They have musical inclinations (my brethren).

And an eye for fashion.


They are objectively the best looking house pets and generally speaking one of the best looking species in existence. THEY ARE BETTER LOOKING THAN MOST HUMANS.

Some Vogue bullshit.

Obviously, my cat is the prettiest of them all.

Certainly, he is prettier than 99% of the dudes I know irl. Ugh, men are inferior.


You will bow.

And finally

Sabrina the teenage witch owned one. Your argument is invalid.


Now let's finish with a cat spam.

I rest my case.
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(1) I am on a brief break from school. Hence, postage.

(2) But more significantly, it is my cat's birthday today! Pixie is no longer a kitten. ;___; To celebrate, here is a photo of him on a ladder:

(3) As I am online I guess I will use this opportunity to talk about television.

Elementary is returning in a matter of days (... in Australia) and I realize I never posted about my feels about the ending of S1. So.

  • So... that twist. I am ambivalent. This post pretty much sums it up for me. Not that I don't think it's kind of ingenious, because it is, but I can't be unreservedly flaily about it either.

  • Irene(/Moriarty)/Sherlock should totally be my thing (FOE!YAY!) but evidently I am doing it wrong because honestly I am not really shipping that. The flashback dump did not excite me and oddly I am not seeing the Jonny L.M./Natalie D. fire I want to be seeing. I WANT TO SHIP IT BUT I DOOOOOOON'T. #life problems

  • I maintain that the Joan/Sherlock story is the single best, most consistent, and best-developed thing about the show and I am still way more invested in their relationship than anything else. He named a bee after her, ok, all other arguments are irrelevant.

  • Alternatively, Joan/Moriarty should be a thing.

  • Lookin' forward to s2 though, despite my grumbling!

And I was supposed to review White Christmas aaaaages ago but didn't b/c suck and now I've lost most of my immediate feels ;___________; Still,

  • ZOMG best show ever.

  • Obviously the "are monsters created or born?" theme appealed, although sometimes I felt like it was more like an anvil -- in contrast to how subtle and slow-paced the overall show was.

  • But the way they wrapped up that theme was :D :D :D I endorsed that ending so violently.

  • Dude, Bang Sung Joon is crazy attractive in this. The shorter hair suits him so much better than the SUFBB mop tbh. And, fine, sociopathy also looks crazy good on him, smh.

  • My other "fave" dudes were Mi Reu and Yoon Su and Young Jae for reasons of psychotic jackassery and in Yoon Su's case unadulterated masochism. X(((((((

  • Speaking of which, SO UPSET ABOUT YOON SU'S DEMISE WHY SHOW WHYYYYY /o\ /o\ /o\ /o\ /o\

  • ofc Eun Sung was my girl. The m:f ratio didn't even bother me here because Eun Sung.

  • lbr Eun Sung/Young Jae was the wrong ship of my dead heart, I NEVER CLAIMED NOT TO BE EMBARRASSINGLY PREDICTABLE. "become twisted enough for a twisted boy like me to like you"??? LIKE IT COULD BE ANY OTHER WAY.

  • And then I read Ranya's fic and I cried and my tears were black mascara.

  • This show deserves a much better review OTL but suffice it to say everyone should watch this and then come cry.

Aside from White Christmas I also recently finished My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Coffee Prince! \o/ Oh, and Boys Over Flowers. Which I am not going to spare further thought to because lol no. Aaaaand I am now about halfway through Playful Kiss, which I am enjoying a lot more than I would... So if you have feelings about those things then heckle in comments.

(4) Can someone please explain to me why Infinite are playing at the likes of L.A. and Paris on their world tour but not doing A SINGLE DATE in Australia? Like, it's Australia. tbh I have no idea how popular they are in the U.S./Europe (supposedly the NY tickets sold out quickly, idk?) but come on. DOES FRANCE HAVE ITS OWN KPOP RADIO CHANNEL? I THINK NOT. (Not that I know what I'm talking about, mind.) Anyway, I hope everyone on my flist who have tickets have the time of their lives on my behalf. Please touch Woohyun for me. (No, don't really do that, leave him alone.) (But do send him this bleeding black heart from me to his fishnet shirts. ;______; I can say no more.)

(5) idk.


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