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17. [livejournal.com profile] rosaxx50 prompted: Kate/Seth/Richie and why this worked for you.

I'm using this opportunity to revive THE WRONG!SHIP MEME OF COLD SWEATS AND TERROR. Yet again I have no idea which day to put this entry, but with no further ado:

23 | a couple trio you ship for the wrong reasons that fits too many of these criteria

I mean, obviously the answer to this question is that it works for me because it's HORRIBLE IN EVERY WAY. If it isn't common knowledge that I LIVE FOR THAT STOCKHOLM SYNDROME SHIT (already going to hell, nothing to see here, etc.) then let it be so now. So yeah, when the Geckos held Kate's family hostage I was like "lol, prob gonna ship it" and then lo and behold.

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04 | the ship that would ruin the characters parties if it happened

For day 8 of ramble month [livejournal.com profile] spuffy_noelle asked me to ramble about Cesare/Lucrezia. Thus I've decided to use this as an opportunity to fill another day of that wrong shipping meme wrought from the pits of hell. It's going in this slot now for reasons of trolling and being literal. LBR, I prefer that my ships actually do happen (not least because teh sex), so let's go with a relationship that DID go there but would probably have been better off not doing so.

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11 | the ship you love for its creepiness

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09 | the ship you want to see being a trainwreck tragedy because they're too alike

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08 | the ship you want to break up so you can stan the hell out of them

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07 | the ship where the writers are DOING IT WRONG

I can't believe this is an actual post I'm making.

i want to tell you a secret: you can take your double standard love and keep it; )
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05 | the ship where your favorite scene is the most dysfunctional one

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03 | they are the worst possible thing to happen to each other


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