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I'm here to announce to [livejournal.com profile] gryfndor_godess and company that I've now watched all of Arrested Development. Stay with us for 10-billion-years-late reactions. The bridal raptor has nothing to do with anything.
    what a fun, sexy time for us all )

    ... I'm obligated to finish this entry with a meme to appease [livejournal.com profile] vergoldung, so let's have this eyeball-pleasing one invented by [livejournal.com profile] theramble (slightly modified):

    --> comment with an on-screen character/idol/whatever and i'll reply with visuals of my favorite hair/outfit(s)/~LOOK~ for them
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Yeah, so I'm drowning in proposals and statements of purpose (does anyone know how to write this garbage, R.I.P.). Y'all know what that means.

~~~***MEME TIME***~~~


Stealing this one from [livejournal.com profile] theramble and adapting for TV/etc. fandoms for the five people still on this website:

the character/member i would invite for pretentious philosophical conversations over wine:
the character/member i'd want as my older sibling (regardless of their actual age):
the character/member i'd want as my twin:
the character/member i'd want as my younger sibling:
the character/ member whose fashion i want to steal:
2 characters/members for a threesome:
my ideal team-up/subunit:

+ SHIPPING business, yo:

  • lowkey otp

  • highkey notp nah

  • [softly] don’t notp

  • highkey otp but i’m scared of saying it because it’s not a very popular choice

  • highkey otp and anyone on my blog knows it

can't be bothered closing with a witty comment so let's have the usual cheese drop:

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it's me again.

so when i posted my last post i expected five people to respond. imagine my feels upon discovering that livejournal is secretly as alive as it was in the days of yore.

real-time footage of me reading my inbox:

first order of business: in the time since we last spoke i nabbed a job as a book reviewer for some online publication. (... not a job that pays, fyi, but ? what is money ? is it food on the table ? is it contentment of the soul ? who besides kanye west can know ?) hence, i have to remember how to read and choose some new books to write about. SUGGEST ME SUGGEST ME.

in other news, i've been harangued about finishing memes and posting substantial """"content"""" to this here blog. i could do that. OR i could do this meme:

If you lost me in a crowd, what “offensive” thing could you yell that’d be GUARANTEED to track me down?

(watch yo step)

+ for music fandom comrades:

name a band and i will discuss

  • first bias

  • current bias and why

  • fave song

  • fave mv

  • otp

  • member i think has the best smile

  • fave choreo

  • fave era

  • fave voice/singer

  • fave dancer

lol, watch this get fewer comments than the last entry where i said literally nothing.

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Remember that time (... a couple days ago) where I was like "I am never doing memes again" and then everyone was like "LOL"?


This is 899999% at [livejournal.com profile] upupa_epops' goading:

  1. Give me a fandom/pairing and I will make you a mini fanmix of between 3-6 songs! 

FOLLOWING THIS, I am never doing another meme again. (Bookmark this post.)

offerings )
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Um, I have a bunch of other top fives to finish answering, but I'm really in the mood for this one right now? (Everyone is surprised.)

for [livejournal.com profile] smells_corrupt : top five ships o' dysfunction )

In related news, I'm stealing this meme by [livejournal.com profile] stainofmylove : 

Name a couple (or two, or whatever, there ain't no meme police) and I will tell you the exact moment I started shipping them. Or stopped.
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I hope all you TVD peeps are still partying it hard over at [livejournal.com profile] softly_me 's free-for-all. Yeah, I've got my eyeball on y'all. 

In related news: Dear Lord. Is it just me, or is Damon/Elena fucking impossible to write? (Yeah, probably just me.) They... do not want to cooperate. Like, at all. Ruining my fandom and TV life, and now my ~writing skillz. LIFE RUINERS. I HATE THEM BOTH. 

By which of course, I mean, I choked out two ficlets, both variations of: Damon and Elena take off after Stefan; awkward angst ensues.

looking something close to tragic

cross my arms and hope to die


Apr. 14th, 2011 07:30 pm
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To ~whom it may concern, I've been writing a few random things for [livejournal.com profile] stainofmylove 's most recent prompt meme, am re-posting here for consistency's sake. \o/

my heart is black and my body is blue (ats, lilah/wesley, "and i'm losing my favourite game") )

come crashing in (skins, cook/effy, "words are meaningless, and forgettable") )

that's no excuse for the state i'm in (tvd, damon/katherine, "darling heart, i loved you from the start") )


Give me a character and I'll list the first three other characters I'd ship them with.


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