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17. [livejournal.com profile] rosaxx50 prompted: Kate/Seth/Richie and why this worked for you.

I'm using this opportunity to revive THE WRONG!SHIP MEME OF COLD SWEATS AND TERROR. Yet again I have no idea which day to put this entry, but with no further ado:

23 | a couple trio you ship for the wrong reasons that fits too many of these criteria

I mean, obviously the answer to this question is that it works for me because it's HORRIBLE IN EVERY WAY. If it isn't common knowledge that I LIVE FOR THAT STOCKHOLM SYNDROME SHIT (already going to hell, nothing to see here, etc.) then let it be so now. So yeah, when the Geckos held Kate's family hostage I was like "lol, prob gonna ship it" and then lo and behold.

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/because the Tardis is pretty

Hello, I hope everyone's hangovers today are endurable. Now that we have that formality out of the way -- I have more requested graphics. Head's up that I'm probably going to be spamming with these screencap meme fills as they're finished, so nothing to see here. Today there is:
cap credit: 1, 2, 3.

Other fills here.

p.s. LJ totally FUBAR'd my cuts the first time so apologies if you witnessed that mess.
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throw your soul (front)

LOL BEFORE MEDIAFIRE IS TAKEN AWAY FROM US~. As requested by [livejournal.com profile] superkappa -- OTP, basically, insofar as the only acceptable "endgame" on this show is for these two maniacal kids to compel a priest to take their unholy vows. 

I have tried to cover both characters' viewpoints, which amounts to: 1) appropriately tortured songs about the agony of love to which Damon might melodramatically throw shot glasses into his fireplace, and 2) necessarily cynical anti-love songs to which Kat might stab pins into blue-eyed voodoo dolls. :) I dearly hope I have done these assholes something close to justice. #how do you perfection?

(p.s. what even is this art? don't ask, pls.)

it's not the chase you love | it's him following you )
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night into the day (mix cover)

As requested by [livejournal.com profile] smokeandsong -- I don't have many deep feelings about this ship ordinarily, except that she is fucking gorgeous and he is fucking gorgeous and the hate!sex would be violently hot, because the Ian/Kat chemistry is a thing that exists. Though while putting this thing together, I came to the conclusion that these two are probably made for each other, since Damon is canonically attracted to women who slap him around, and Bonnie canonically enjoys dishing out aneurysms, and every instance of her making his brain explode makes my heart warm. 

There is no rhyme or reason to this mix; just sundry tracks that ping for me for their relationship (or possible future relationship?). Also, short. My first time with this ship, please forgive. (Also also, EXCUSE THE ART.) 

night into the day // bonnie/damon // download )

heart with a schism (front), faith lehane fanmix cover

For [livejournal.com profile] bellonablack, who requested a character-centric mix. Thus, I chose Faith, because: when in doubt, choose Faith. And a good opportunity to pull out a bunch of my favourite sullen/moody/axe-to-grind-with-world tracks. #my brethren

Hope it satisfies!

heart with a schism // faith lehane // download )
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Urgh. Exams. Keeping me from my meming. BUT THAT IS ALL OVER NOW. Back to regularly scheduled fangirling.

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