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Happy Bilbo's and Frodo's Birthday, and Happy Equinox!!!

Keats' "To Autumn"

Sep. 22nd, 2017 12:39 pm
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A collage I made in 2015, with 9 photos of bees that I took in August, September, and October between 2008 and 2015, and a quote from Keats’ “To Autumn”.

Full size )

Flowers, from left to right and top to bottom: tomato, sunflower, goldenrod, bachelor's button, buckwheat, jewelweed, goldenrod, radish, aster.

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And anyway, glad to be back!

To start this DW trying round - that will hopefully won't end like the previous - I'd like to share an anecdote. I remembered it because I saw the Jimmy Kimmel's videos on American Healthcare. "He barely know the difference between Melania and Ivanka" LOL.

Anyway, MY MOM had a debate with a Trump supporter IRL (He was one of my American cousins from the maternal side, a very rabid Trump supporter) And my mom is the type of person who loves to debate about politics. I've always remembered discussions at the table with my dad since when I was like 4. So anyway, she decided to question my cousin about the reasons why he voted a person like Trump.

Oh boy.

From the limitless hatred for the Democrats, to the "He will make America Great Again" and more. When he started with the theory that Hillary Clinton actually pays CIA agents to kill her enemies, my mom did the only thing a self-respecting woman could do circumstances like those: she ran to the kitchen and pretended like she was needed there.

So, yes, I understand the issue you guys are facing. After all, we had Berlusconi in power for 20 years, although he wasn't as stupid as Trump.

Everytime I see that orange walking fart, I think about this song:

Who knows why.


Sep. 21st, 2017 08:33 pm
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Guys, I'm back on Dreamwidth!

Hopefully I will work out now. <3
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Thanks to [personal profile] cesy for the heads-up -- Hope not Hate, a UK group who've been working tirelessly and effectively against fascist, racist and far-right groups over here have launched a US site:

Hope Not Hate (Twitter: [ profile] hopenothate_USA)

By way of making a dramatic entry, this seems to have been timed to co-ordinate with the announcement of their epic undercover project: Patrik Hermansson, an extremely brave young Swedish grad student, infiltrated the alt-right and lived undercover in the movement in London and the US for nearly a year, wired for sound and carrying hidden cameras. This ultimately included being at Charlottesville and witnessing the car attack that killed Heather Heyer.

The documentary is coming soon, and the comprehensive report on the international alt-right (for which the infiltration was part of the research) is here:

The International Alternative Right

News reports:

New York Times: Undercover With the Alt-Right

Raw Story: ‘It’s gonna end with concentration camps’: Alt-right executive boasts of a future Europe with Hitler on their money

I love HnH; I've supported them for years and have friends who've volunteered for them. They have a long history working against fascist and far right groups in the UK, through research, infiltration, legal action, anti-racist/xenophobic education and campaigning, and their work seems to have naturally become international as the "alt-right" itself has (e.g. with the "Defend Europe" boat).

So I think their expertise (and the willingness of their reporters to put their necks on the line like this, holy fuck) is going to be a hugely valuable resource for people fighting this shit in the US too.


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