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I'm here to announce to [livejournal.com profile] gryfndor_godess and company that I've now watched all of Arrested Development. Stay with us for 10-billion-years-late reactions. The bridal raptor has nothing to do with anything.
    what a fun, sexy time for us all )

    ... I'm obligated to finish this entry with a meme to appease [livejournal.com profile] vergoldung, so let's have this eyeball-pleasing one invented by [livejournal.com profile] theramble (slightly modified):

    --> comment with an on-screen character/idol/whatever and i'll reply with visuals of my favorite hair/outfit(s)/~LOOK~ for them
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17. [livejournal.com profile] rosaxx50 prompted: Kate/Seth/Richie and why this worked for you.

I'm using this opportunity to revive THE WRONG!SHIP MEME OF COLD SWEATS AND TERROR. Yet again I have no idea which day to put this entry, but with no further ado:

23 | a couple trio you ship for the wrong reasons that fits too many of these criteria

I mean, obviously the answer to this question is that it works for me because it's HORRIBLE IN EVERY WAY. If it isn't common knowledge that I LIVE FOR THAT STOCKHOLM SYNDROME SHIT (already going to hell, nothing to see here, etc.) then let it be so now. So yeah, when the Geckos held Kate's family hostage I was like "lol, prob gonna ship it" and then lo and behold.

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i still owe this website an actual post but in the beantime as tommy pickles would say:

1) re: my last post

to the people who voted in favour of "shaking my head":Read more... )

to those who voted in favour of hate: god is with you.

2) since everyone is doing this meme that i created exactly 2 years and 4 months or so ago (recognise) i figured i might as well bring it full circle to remind us all who really runs this sorry crib. so with no further ado:


(operates as implied)



when that bass dropped? reader, i birthed a fucking child.

tl;dr this band is the reason god invented pop music; nothing to see here.


(would i get into a knife fight over this? probably.) #biases are serious business

k bye
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04 | the ship that would ruin the characters parties if it happened

For day 8 of ramble month [livejournal.com profile] spuffy_noelle asked me to ramble about Cesare/Lucrezia. Thus I've decided to use this as an opportunity to fill another day of that wrong shipping meme wrought from the pits of hell. It's going in this slot now for reasons of trolling and being literal. LBR, I prefer that my ships actually do happen (not least because teh sex), so let's go with a relationship that DID go there but would probably have been better off not doing so.

business is business and business runs in the family )
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Doubling up again today because yesterday was devoted to watching Catching Fire and then being emotionally dead inside. With no further ado:

faith/wesley; for superkappa )

the vampire chronicles; for scorp )
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And so we commence the December meme of meta!

Of course, what better way to start than with cat worship. For [livejournal.com profile] upupa_epops' prompt.

They're highly portable.

And more athletic than you.

Contrary to their haughty exteriors, they can bro it up with any species.

They're highly expressive.

Soft power is their jam.

Human: Listen to me.
Cat: No, listen to me.

They have musical inclinations (my brethren).

And an eye for fashion.


They are objectively the best looking house pets and generally speaking one of the best looking species in existence. THEY ARE BETTER LOOKING THAN MOST HUMANS.

Some Vogue bullshit.

Obviously, my cat is the prettiest of them all.

Certainly, he is prettier than 99% of the dudes I know irl. Ugh, men are inferior.


You will bow.

And finally

Sabrina the teenage witch owned one. Your argument is invalid.


Now let's finish with a cat spam.

I rest my case.


Nov. 19th, 2013 10:50 pm
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+ Today/yesterday I submitted my final massive boring 35 page report required for the completion of my degree. \o/ Ergo, I will now be more alive. \o/ (Or, you know, /o\ depending on your view.) I'm pretty sure I missed a ton of things while in the depths of my final papers, so if you think there's something of yours I should be commenting on then drop me a link.

+ Chilling with my dearest mother watching The Heirs and suddenly in the middle of the episode she's like, "IF I~ WERE PARK SHIN HYE I WOULD TAP THAT [Kim Woo Bin] AND LEAVE LEE MINHO TO BE FOREVER ALONE WITH HIS UGLY SWEATERS." Ah, the indefatigable wisdom of mothers. Not that she's wrong, mind you (my favourite is the one that makes him look like a "wall with antique pictures hanging from it", personally).

So yeah, on account of said 35 page report eating my brains, this is not going to be an especially coherent post. Nonetheless, let us gather round and discuss the latest offerings.

+ First of all, I am aware that fandom is positively leaping to diss the teen trash that is this show and therefore, as a wise friend once put it, win at Not Liking The Problematic Thing and Being Too Good For This Genre. But tbqh this show is (near) perfect 2 me. Sorry not sorry but watching attractive miserable people make each other miserable is my way of life. It is what it is, friends. Therefore, unpopular opinions abound.

+ So bored of everyone bitching about Eun Sang's "passivity". If this is actually a "feminist" complaint you have about the show then I would seriously question your supposed understanding of justice. And direct you to this post. Which is actually about Sansa Stark, but same principle applies. Heroines do not owe it to you to be empowered. Especially when they are underprivileged and lower-class and vulnerable to abuse from people much more powerful than they are. The fact that this show stresses Eun Sang and her mother's situation so much is a point in its favour, not yours. Please to be taking your thinly veiled Strong Female Character (TM) misogyny and choking on it.

+ Tan and Young Do's pissing contest is endlessly entertaining to me ngl. Firstly, their man love clearly will go on. Even my mother agrees. ("I think they're secretly attracted to each other and using Park Shin Hye as a proxy.")

Secondly, it is pretty obvious they're making Eun Sang a pawn in their personal war, ergo the aggressive triangularity is a power struggle. Not romance. So long as one keeps this in mind I'm convinced the "romantic" plots become 95% more enjoyable. And lbr the drawn-out sequences in which the three stare at one another with simultaneously enraged and aroused expressions while a dramatic score plays is the highlight of each episode, don't even front like you disagree.

+ Hyo Shin needs his own spinoff, stat.


Enough said.

+ lol Eun Sang/Tan. Okay, so there are some small things I like. Firstly, that Eun Sang said the setting of their "date" on camp reminded her of Friday the 13th. And then later (obliquely) referred to their relationship as a "horror love story". Ha ha. And despite the fact that I cannot comprehend why anyone would want to date Kim Tan, I think it made sense for Eun Sang to consciously decide to let herself go along with the fantasy since they were far away from home. The whole "dreamcatcher" theme of their relationship is vv consistent. And when Young Do taunted that Tan's only going to ditch her in the end, Eun Sang was literally like, "bitch, I know." THAT'S interesting.

HAVING SAID THAT... this ship is just flat out boring me to death. Imma quote Zoe on this because her words are a balm to the soul tbh:

"I'M NOT GOING TO WRONG!SHIP A BORING SHIP, THAT IS JUST ANTITHETICAL TO MY IDEA OF WRONG!SHIPPING AS A WHOLE. I wrong!ship stuff that I can tell is wrong (and hopefully the narrative can too) but it's just so good and/or hitting my ship kinks that I don't even care and can't even help it. But I'm not going to go out of my way to wrong!ship something, THAT IS AN OXYMORON."

Indeed. I mean, WTAF was the ending of ep 12?? nhf the two of them staring at each other for five minutes while Lee Min Ho does some weird gasping thing to convey the depth of his emotions. I would rather take the aggressive triangularity, thx.

Also, gdi, Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho have negative chemistry. It is genuinely baffling considering their faces but there it is. At this point I just wish the show would cut 90% of their scenes so that this show could be ACTUALLY perfect.

+ The entirety of the pool scene. Only this show, man. Plus, it brought us this. Amen.

+ I love how Young Do complimenting Hyo Shin's angry!voice is now a thing, LMFAO????? Like, "Sunbae, the voice you use when threatening me... is really nice". I mean, yes good, more Hyo Shin worship. Also they should bang. But I am generally of the opinion that Hyo Shin should bang the universe.


+ Still shipping Rachel/Young Do tbqh. I mean, "Normally when two people become siblings they fall in love"/"Now I'm thinking that's the solution to breaking up this marriage"????? YOU DON'T JUST PUT THAT IN FRONT OF ME AND EXPECT ME NOT TO SHIP IT. LIKE.

+ Myung Soo is the most hilarious. I'm convinced that Myung Soo/Young Do along with Bo Na/Eun Sang are basically the most functional relationships on this show, L M A O.

+ Still nocurr whatsoever for Won. Why is he still a character.

+ I resent so much that Eun Sang/Young Do are hitting all my ship kinks but dammit THEY ARE HITTING ALL MY SHIP KINKS???? Like


Plus, he tossed his classmates' shoes in a bucket of cold water as "revenge" for them talking smack about Eun Sang. And she offered sympathy about his bad family news in the form of "I'll postpone my revenge on you." Like. I am not made of fuckin' stone, people. It is Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin, for the love of Satan.

(I also have a lot of complicated feelings about how they are actually considerably less problematic than Eun Sang/Tan by sheer virtue of the fact that Young Do has zero emotional power in their dynamic. As I said to Zoe: The way the show set up Young Do from the beginning established that Eun-sang owes him nothing - because she was given full license to hate him. (Whereas, Eun-sang/Tan STARTED with her being in his debt. And he has continued to take advantage of that.) I mean, besides the fact that All Girls Want Bad Boys and I only ship it because I want to ride Kim Woo Bin's dick, &c. &c., the power dynamic is just a thousand times more appealing.)

Also, I've decided that they should be BFFs on the basis of their mutual ramyeon noodle appreciation. Bring on the bromance, yo.

+ To conclude:


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I haven’t posted in so long that I’m sure some of you have assumed I’ve died. Indeed this is about what has happened. Death by final papers. Ah, academia. But in happier news I am on the homestretch, ergo post.

i.  Eleonore and I are making way on an evil plot to induct Lizzie into the SHINee world. Thus, we have carefully compiled an evil intro playlist* designed to wreak havoc and appease the dark lord &c. &c. (Note to certain flisters: Don’t even think about arguing over song choices yo, y’all know “Dazzling Girl” is secretly their best song.) fyi I've used music videos where applicable on account of the fact that SHINee has some truly terriblemazing MVs that frankly must be seen for oneself. The "best" is probably the one for "Lucifer" (the first one). The more you see it the less sense it makes. Why does it play like a musical car commercial. WTH are those wispy patronus things about? Are they supposed to represent the devil possessing them (to dance complicatedly in front of a bunch of shiny cars)? We may never know. But everyone looks bangin' so who cares?

I'd also advise watching their lives because melodramatic yet technically sound belting + choreo porn ("how do they breathe" -- that too we may never know). Please follow the links and cry.

*not including the latest album as that has already been linked accordingly and produced excellent results mainly thanks to Lee Taemin’s propensity to whore around shirtless in a tacky black fur coat, Satan bless that disturbed child

ii. I have been watching The Heirs.LOVE IS THE MOMENT /cue )

iii. I want to belatedly do that Halloween Trick or Treat meme but I worry about time/responsibilities. So, I guess, comment on this post with "TRICK OR TREAT" and I will probably link you something cool but maybe with a bit of delay because the real life? Alternately, depending on who you are, I may give you a trick instead. :D

P.S. Dear Kelsey: I can't believe you sent me a Namu-shaped fridge magnet. (Btw, lol that these even exist.) I will never be able to put it up for fear of other people in the house asking if it's "one of those Korean dudes that I like who look like girls". We will not talk about the contents of your letter. NOPE.
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this post is mostly for Emmie and Doris tbh

people. friends of mine. let me inform you as to the new ruination of my existence.

for months now i've been watching the likes of Jamie, Lauren, Kelsey, Lizzie, and Eleonore frolicking in kpop land, and yet managed to avoid being afflicted myself... until a few days ago, when Eleonore bombarded me with links designed to corrupt my soul. and i regret to say she was successful in that venture. forgive me friends for i am weak.

for the uninformed, Infinite is, uh, a FAIRLY popular Korean pop boy band with a shitload of synchronized choreography and a fandom that seems to be invading the entire planet. given my not-even-a-secret lifelong penchant for boy bands it's a wonder i only tapped into this now, but no matter.

first off i have to say that Korean pop music is far superior to the Western sort. i actually have an epic love/hate relationship with pop music -- the "hate" deriving from the fact that the Western pop industry is so damn lazy -- but after just a few days going through Infinite's discography (+ a couple other bands) i feel as though i have been revived from a 10+year fatigue. FRIENDS, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT MY EMOTIONS ARE DOING.

i'll admit, my life right now mostly revolves around the question: "how is Nam Woohyun a real person????" (for various reasons, such as the cray-cray of the fandom and the inexplicable prettiness of all the dudes, i assumed that the band itself didn't actually possess any talent. i stand corrected.) i'll just be here creepily replaying 1:55-2:05 of this song because his vibrato/pitch/everything is the stuff my ovaries every vocal coach's dreams are made of. (i am not a vocal coach.) (but i would assume they all dream of Nam Woohyun.)

and by all means let us gather round and discuss how i instantly fixate on "The Greasy One", a.k.a. The One Infamous For Parading Round Open-Shirted Onstage I NEVER CLAIMED NOT TO BE EMBARRASSINGLY PREDICTABLE KBYE.

um. anyway, i like all the members, promise. and this is really supposed to be an introductory/rec post thing to lure more unfortunate souls in. if anyone is really curious/interested, this vid is probably the best in terms of O.O CHOREO + MY LOINS + "give me all their outfits", &c. &c. and it made #1 on some yearly Korean billboard thing so. if this is your jam then by all means come join me and the above people in hell.

@ J/L/K/E: i give you permission to spam me with rude things in comments. do your worst, children.


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